Celebrate together with Jose Murphys

A Mexican restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy celebrating a special occasion at. Jose Murphys is a perfect venue for all sorts of festivities and parties because it offers a homely atmosphere, eye-catching decor, wonderful food and presentation of dishes, as well as quality drinks and entertainment.The restaurant is often used to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduation from acting classes or even engagement dinners. You are always welcome here for a loud and colourful bachelorette party or just a cosy evening with your loved one. The policy of the restaurant is to welcome all sorts of celebrations including entertainment programs, live acts and animators, if you contact the crew in due time to make necessary preparations.

It is often a custom to spend a date in this wonderful restaurant. Men often bring their ladies here after an enjoyable session at the outdoor movie theatre to enjoy great food over good music. The restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dishes, some of them traditional, some of them fusion variations on the theme. The wines and beers of the country of origin are great as well. Tequila is only of the highest quality so you wonít be disappointed.